• Waterskiing in Paros Cyclades

    Waterskiing: Available every day, all day long
    Suitable for : All ages and levels of expertise
    Locations: Faragas Beach and Punda Beach

    Water ski

    is similar to the alpine ski, but much more easy and fun.
    Beginners will find themselves standing up on 2 skis enjoying a circuit of the bay in no time.
    The surface area of the ski keeps the person skimming on the the water allowing the skier to stand upright while holding the tow rope. Water-ski is the most famous water activity in Greece and a memorable experience for young children.

    Water monoski

    is the evolution of double ski to a more aggressive racing ski.
    In Monoski, the feet are tied up one in front of the other, in only one ski. Very high speeds with extreme slanting positions are reached, creating an incredible feeling and incredible pictures.

    Barefoot ski

    is water skiing without the use of water skis.
    Barefooting requires the skier to travel at higher speeds than conventional water skiing.


    Water skiing is a fun and easy activity for all ages. It's easier than you think...
    Beginners can easily become good skiers with 3 το 5 lessons.

    Join our Summer Camp with intensive wakeboard or waterski sessions and become an expert.
    You can find Summer Camp details, dates and schedule on facebook or by contacting us.
  • Wakeboarding in Paros Cyclades

    Boardsports: Available every day, all day long
    Suitable for : Snowboarders and surfers
    Locations: Faragas Beach and Punda Beach


    is a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing. Wake board resembles a surfboard used to ride over water while being pulled behind a motorboat. Instead of skis, the boarder uses a single board with bindings. Wakeboards are shorter in length than snowboards and slightly wider. Jumps and tricks can be performed by hitting the wake and launching to the air.



    the surfer trails behind the motorboat, surfing on the boat's wake. The wake from the boat mimics the look and feel of an actual ocean wave. After getting up on the wave by use of a tow rope, wakesurfers drop the rope and ride the steep face below the wave's peak in a fashion reminiscent of ocean surfing.


    As a beginner, wakeboarding lessons are essential to learn about the basics, such as:
    Stance , bindings placement , deep water starts , switch-stance start , crossing , jumping the wake .
    If you are familiar with these you can take lessons to learn the beginners tricks:
    Surf the wave , surface hop , sideslide , surface 360 .
    A few basic fundamentals are the keys to all tricks. Once you master them, any move is possible...

    Join our Summer Camp with intensive wakeboard or waterski sessions and become an expert.
    You can find Summer Camp details, dates and schedule on facebook or by contacting us.
  • Watergames in Paros Cyclades

    Watergames: Available every day, all day long
    Suitable for : 1 to 8 people of all ages
    Locations: Faragas Beach and Punda Beach



    : An enormous inflatable wing that reaches skywards. A unique flying experience for 2 or more.


    : Adrenaline rides available for 2 to 8 people. This tube is the ultimate in speed!!!

    BIG O

    : A big inflatable donut for those that don't mind getting wet! Solo experience!

    Crazy sofa

    : Safe and friendly for children who are afraid of water. 2 to 5 people can enjoy together.

    Canoe Kayak

    is another enjoyable way to sight-see on the water while exercising.
    Paddling a light craft on the sea is relaxing and allows one to observe the natural environment.
    A wonderful family activity to get away from hustles and enjoy vacation from a new perspective.

    Stand Up Paddle board

    is the latest craze to hit the water.
    The perfect way to sight-see, get a good core workout, and experience some peace and tranquility.
    It's like walking on water! A lot of fun to try with your friends.
    You stand on the board, it floats, you find your balance, and then you paddle

    Check out our 2-3 day watersport prepaid packages that include discounted prices.
    Combine your watersports activities with morning mountain bike tours and get a discount.
  • Snorkeling in Paros Cyclades

    Underwater activities: Snorkeling and free diving with a guide
    Suitable for : Anyone that wants to explore the wealth of Greek marine life
    Locations: Faragas Beach and Punda Beach


    is easy to learn.
    With a simple mouth-breathing apparatus, mask and fins, just below the surface of the water.
    Very nice and easy activity for those who love sea and want a good view of the underwater world.
    Suitable for all ages.
    Free-diving and Scuba diving lessons are available during the weekends and high season after booking.

    Snorkeling in Paros

    , Cyclades and the Aegean sea is absolutely safe.
    The water temperature in the summer varies between 22-27 degrees Celsius.
    Most commonly you will meet rocky or sandy seabeds with lots of different kinds of colourful small fish and big red star fishes lying among them.



    gives us a lift to the nearby bays, from where we snorkel our way back along the rocks where most of the fish found their homes. Snorkeling in the Aegean sea can give you many nice pictures to remember and is a nice way for children to have fun while familiarising with the sealife.


    snorkeling equipment

    at Faragas Beach and swim along 3 small gulfs.

    Contact us and find out what time of the day you can snorkel with us!
    Also available, scuba diving and free-diving lessons for beginners!
  • mtb-rentals in Paros Cyclades

    Where: Awake MTB Shop @ New Golden Beach
    How: Free Bike delivery at your Hotel (Antiparos included)
    What: Brand new Models!!!

    Mountain bike rentals

    You can select from the following available bike categories.

    MTB hardtail bikes:

    IDEAL ZigZag 26’, 24-speed Shimano rear derailleur, with hydraulic disc brakes
    Fork :RST Blaze-ML, 100 mm, mechanical lock out.

    Trekking off-road bikes:

    IDEAL Crossmo 29’, 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur, Fork: RST 777-T, 50 mm.
    Junior MTB 24’, 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur, RST 191-T-D, 50 mm.

    Bike Accessories & Spares:

    Spd pedals, Paros trail map, pumps, lights, tubes, helmets, locks, water bottles, Awake Paros t-shirts.

    Rental Rates (include: helmet, pump, lock, one spare tube, SELF-GUIDED MAP TRAILS!)

    Category A Category B
    Day Rental 10am - 8pm 12€ 10€
    Half Day (4hours) 10€
    1 week (free delivery) 80€ 55€
  • mtb-tours in Paros Cyclades

    For: Bicycle & Mountain Bike lovers that want to explore Inner Paros!
    What: Mountain Bike Tours
    Where: Paros & Antiparos islands Cyclades

    Guided Mountain bike Tours

    Gravel trails, dust roads, rocky Byzantine trails, Cycladic elements and great view to the Aegean big blue! Mountain bike tours for all levels of expertise. Book a cross country or an all mountain biking tour with an experienced Awake MTB team guide. Available every morning. Biker’s insurance included.

    Mountain Bike Day Tour options
    Nature Lovers & FAMILY Couples & Friends Experienced Bikers
    20 € pp - min. of 2 participants 25 € pp - min. of 2 participants 25-30 € pp
    An easy 2 hours cycling tour on coastal dust roads. Ideal for those that want to enjoy the countryside on a bike and visit Inner Paros.
    What you see:
    Marpissa Village alleys
    Molos Beach Light house
    Kalogeros Beach
    Fields & Horse Farms
    An intermediate level 2 ½ hour biking from the mainland to the sea. Gravel roads, occasional uphills & downhills.
    What you see:
    Lefkes Village
    Kostos Village
    Fields & Farms
    Top View to the Aegean Sea
    Challenging uphills to remote monasteries and technical descents on Byzantine trails. Get off the beaten track!
    What you see:
    16th century paths
    Traditional Windmills
    Distant Monasteries
    Wonderful Sea View
    Contact now at +30 6936-529302 and +30 6932-171718 or send an e-mail to team@awakeparos.gr
  • Children fun in Paros Cyclades

    Watersports: Waterskiing lessons for children
    Watergames: Crazy sofa and Canoe Kayak are suitable for kids
    Water activities: Snorkeling with a guide for all members of the family

    Your children can have a great time at the water sports activity centers in Punda beach and Faragas beach at Paros in Cyclades. These are the perfect spots in Paros for children who love sports and beach.

    Water skiing lessons

    Witnessing a child getting up on skis for the first time is priceless. Faragas beach is a great place for children and teens to learn how to waterski. First-time water skiing experience is crucial for young skiers. Children need to learn at a facility that emphasizes safety and understands the special needs of children.

    Mountain Bike skills lessons

    can provide the fundamental foundations of the sport and help your children develop their mountain bike skills while riding and having fun. (ages <8)


    in Paros is a great way to turn a family beach vacation into an adventure with children. It is a nice opportunity for children to have fun in the water while familiarising with the underwater world.

    The ideal float ride for children is Crazy sofa . An inflatable sofa they can ride with their family and never hit the water. Paddle-sports such as canoeing and kayaking offer a great opportunity for parents to accompany their child to some beautiful scenery.

    Check out our Summer Sports Camp for kids and teenagers.
    Join us on facebook and get notified about dates and schedule of Awake Summer Camp.
  • Punda Beach

    (Paros Cyclades SouthEast)
    Watersports and Snorkeling

    Pounda Beach Paros Cyclades Punda (Pounda, Punta or Pounta) beach is a sandy beach with crystal clear blue waters, 20km from port Parikia. Happenings and concerts every year. A range of water sports available any time of the day. Snorkeling equipment & MTB bikes for rent. We suggest : X-treme tubing and snorkeling guided tours.

    Faragas Beach

    (Paros Cyclades South)
    Watersports and Snorkeling

    Faraggas Beach Paros Cyclades 13km from port Parikia, Faragas (Faraggas or Faragkas) beach is the ideal environment for skiing and relaxing. A sandy beach with clear and calm flat waters perfect for family vacations. Great weather conditions for beginners and children that want to try waterskiing, wakeboard and wake surf for the first time.

    New Golden Beach

    MTB - Bike tours and rentals

    New Golden Beach Paros Cyclades Our bike storage is located at New Golden Beach (Tserdakia) which is a surfing beach located between Punda Beach and Golden Beach. Opening hours are not fixed so please contact us beforehand. New Golden Beach is the starting point for our bike tours but we can also arrange biking and walking tours from Lefkes and Naoussa.
  • Water Sports
    Wakeboard 15' 35€
    Waterskiing 15' 35€
    Wakesurf 15' 35€
    Lesson 30' 40€
    Mountain Bike - Hiking
    MTB tour Guide + MTB rental + Refreshments 20€
    MTB rental (24h) Hardtail MTB + Helmet + Locker 15€
    MTB rental (<8h) Trekking MTB + Helmet + Locker 10€
    Hiking Tour Guide + Refreshments 15€
    Water Games
    Float Rides (Tubes) 15' 15€
    Flyfish 15' 20€
    Canoe Kayak 60' 15€
    SUP board 60' 15€
    Snorkeling 1 Equipment only 30'  5€
    Snorkeling 2 Equipment + Guide 30' 15€
    Snorkeling 3 Equipment + Guide + Boat trip 60' 25€
    Combine 2 of any activities and get 15 % discount per person, or 20% discount for 3 activities!

    Like our facebook page to stay in touch and get notified about last minute special offers!

  • Awake Paros

    Awake Watersports Team in Paros Cyclades
    Awake Paros was founded in 2006 by Nickolas and Alex, two Graduates of The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science with specialization in water skiing Practice and teaching methods. Certified judges for the National Championships of wakeboarding and board members of the Greek Federation of skiing.

    Today AWAKE PAROS water-sports and mountain bike is a big TEAM of enthusiastic sports professionals. We love extreme sports. Wake-boarding, water-skiing, riding our mountain bikes, anything that keeps us AWAKE and fit. We are here to help you enjoy the nature by exploring our beautiful island, Paros.
    For general enquiries and more information send us an e-mail to team@awakeparos.gr
    Alternatively, you can call us at +30-6936529302.

  • Sea - Mountain
  • Paros Cyclades information

    Summer in Paros Cyclades

    (10 reasons to come to Paros)

    Every traveller, that has visited Paros, has found a special reason to love this blessed island.
    The following are ten of them:

    1. Excellent


    for all tastes. Relaxation at Faragas Beach, intense fun at Punda beach.


    . Watersports, snorkeling, mtb-rentals, mtb-tours, diving, horse-riding, wind surfing, yoga classes.


    . Archaeological sites and monuments, traditional windmills in flower bloomed valleys.
    4. Fresh fish and grilled octopus along with local raki in all seaside tavernas. Quality local products.
    5. Nightlife! Bars with great atmosphere. Cocktails beside the waves. No entrance fee.
    6. All budget accomodation. Low budget organised camping sites to 5 star hotels. (Book in advance!)
    7. Hop easily to Antiparos. So close but so different. Ferry connections to almost every island.
    8. Hospitality .
    9. Theater, concerts and various events . Rich cultural heritage of the island for lovers of fine and art.
    10. Paros is not Paris but is always good times!

    Paros Events

    Like our facebook page to stay in touch and updated with what's hot in Paros and all sports events